Way of Gray Workout Program Review

Okay, today I’m going to do something sliiiiightly different. Instead of reviewing a one-off exercise DVD, I’m reviewing the first workout of the Way of Gray Love Yourself Lifestyle Program.

I stumbled across Way of Gray (and it’s founder, Sophie Gray) from this Greatist List of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness. Sophie was ranked #94 out of 100. When I went to her site I was intrigued. It seems it had just gone through an overhaul in November and she released new workout guides that reflected the new workout regimen she was following.

A downside with her website is that it doesn’t do a good job of explaining what you’ll be getting if you do decide to buy her guides. There aren’t really any sample downloads, or even a sneak preview of what her workout videos will look like. So, without fully knowing what I would get, I bought it (the $25 price tag is the perfect “what the hell, let’s try it” price point for this kind of thing, in my opinion.)

Update 1/19/2016: I just got an email from Way of Gray this morning which included a link to a downloadable sample of her guides as well as access to the first workout video. I currently don’t see a link on the site to these samples, but try emailing customer service if they don’t put the links up! It also seems like as the new plans start to take off, she’s trying to better explain what the guides are.- end

So what do you get? You get a nutrition guide ebook with 35 recipes (all vegan and very clean) as well as shopping lists and a 7 day meal plan. I’m not going to discuss the nutrition guide too much (unless you really want me to) but the recipes do look fairly easy (none of the ingredients seem super expensive or hard to find). I was also happy to see that there are some super yummy looking dessert recipes. Overall, I’m really looking forward to trying some of these recipes!

Also, you get the workout guide. This is an interactive ebook, which means it has clickable links throughout.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.06.08 AM

The most important link is on page 9, when you click on the picture there, it takes you to the super secret vimeo page with all 48 videos. It looks like this.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.07.14 AM

You can only stream the workouts online, but the workout guide also has non-video versions of each of the workouts; however, it is just the exercise written out (no pictures or guidance on the moves).

The guide itself doesn’t have too much information in it. It talks about taking before photos and how the general plan works such as when to do the workouts. If you’re looking for some intense fitness and motivation guidance, you won’t really find it, but I was mostly intrigued by the videos anyway.

How the videos work: This was the most confusing and intriguing part for me. These workout videos are not like normal workout videos where the instructor walks you through the whole program while doing it with you. In these programs, Sophie was filmed doing each move separately, and then used those clips to compile the workout videos. So, when she says push-ups, it’s the same video of her doing push-ups each time.

Each move has a slide show up with the name before you do it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.08.15 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.07.51 AM

For Month 1 Week 1 Day 1 each of the moves is either done for 10 or 15 seconds. This was NOT a lot of time, but you run through each move a bunch of times.

My biggest wish is that when they showed the slide with the workout move on it, they also showed a preview of what the move you are about to do would look like. I wasn’t familiar with some of exercise names so I wasn’t sure if I should stand up or be on my back or what to do to prepare for the move, and since each move is only done for 10 seconds, if you don’t start immediately, you really miss out on the move.

As I mentioned, Sophie voices over the whole time with tips on form as well as motivation.  The workout videos look very similar to this one.

This kind of pieced together workout was weird for me at first, but by the second time I did it, I found I really didn’t mind it, and I’m assuming once I progress and become familiar with each of the moves it won’t feel like so much of a scramble between them.

Okay, and now, on with the rest of the review for Month 1 Week 1 Day 1

Number of workouts– 48 workout videos totaling more than 35 hours of video. I’ll be reviewing the video for month 1, week 1, day 1, today.

Total Run time– 28 minutes

Instructor– Sophie Gray. She performs each of the moves as well as a voice over for cueing.

Set– white with a blue mat. Verrrrry clean. I liked it.

Production Quality– Very good, the lighting, quality, and sound were all perfect.

Music– No music, I provided my own.

Ability Level– Beginner

Type of Workout: Bootcamp Style? Most of the moves are bodyweight toning moves performed for 10 seconds. There are also some cardio moves performed for 15 seconds each

Equipment– a mat

Coordination Level– 2/5 just because you’ll be scrambling on the mat to get into the next position.

Most hated move: Push ups. So many pushups.

Most loved move: Donkey kicks

Overall sweat factor– 1/5 but looking through the guide, you end up doing more advanced moves for longer. For a beginner I think this would be an intense workout, for me, I didn’t break a sweat, but my muscles felt worked.

Calorie Burn: 120

Chances I would do this workout again: 100%

Overall, I think this is a really great value for someone looking to add more workouts to their arsenal. Hopefully I can check back in once I’ve done more of the workouts and progressed to harder weeks or months to let you know how it’s going.

Have you done this workout? What are your thoughts?



Barre3 Ballet Boot Camp Review

Next on the list of DVDs to review is Barre3’s Ballet Boot Camp. I have never taken a Barre3 class but I do love most barre workouts, so I was excited to try this one. You can see a 5 minute preview of this DVD here.

Barre3 Ballet Boot Camp

barre3 ballet

Number of workouts– 1 +bonus 10 minute workout (I really enjoyed the 10 minute bonus workout and feel like they should have added it to the 30 minute main workout. I would recommend doing the additional 10 minute workout every time).

Total Run time– 40 minutes (with bonus workout)

Instructor– Candace Ofcacek- I really liked her! She has this perky but not too annoying voice. Also, she’s great at cuing in such a way that you know the exact tempo to go. She would repeat these phrases while doing the exercise that were helpful but also got crazy stuck in my head: “Soften and reach, soften and reach.”

Set– looks like you’re in a Barre3 studio, nice, no nonsense


Production Quality– Mostly one camera angle (head on) but sometimes it cuts to another camera. Overall quality was good. Sound was good.

Music– Basic beats, doesn’t really sync up to the exercises but wasn’t distracting

Ability Level– Beginner/intermediate – one of the models does a modified move for every exercise, which is helpful for beginners

Type of Workout: Barre- think light weights, lots of combined movements, lots of plies

Equipment– dumbbells, waist-level surface, ball

Coordination Level– 2/5 some of the combined movements can take a few seconds to sync together

Most hated move: Carousel horse (anything that has me jumping or pulsing in a lunge is my enemy)

Most loved move: plie with bicep curl

Overall sweat factor– 2/5 but you will feel a burn!


Chances I would do this DVD again: 100%

I loved this DVD. The 30 minute workout is challenging but not so daunting that I would need to talk myself into it. This workout is reminiscent of most of the barre classes I take, so it is great to have an at-home alternative!

You can purchase this DVD at the Barre3 shop here or subscribe to their monthly online classes (which I just may) and get access to it.

Have you done this workout? What are your thoughts?

One Day Fat Blast Review

Happy New Year! It’s the first week of my year-long challenge to review one workout DVD/YouTube video a week!

I decided to start this year off with Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott’s DVD One Day Fat Blast.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.24.58 AM

Do they look familiar? That’s because they’re the women behind Tone It Up. Full disclosure, I am a follower of the Tone It Up nutrition plan and I regularly do their workouts, so yes, I really like them.

This DVD was made before they fully branded TIU into what it is today. For that reason, they don’t sell this DVD on their website, nor do they really acknowledge its existence.

So obviously I had to try it. Without further adieu (on with the review) <–sorry it rhymed I couldn’t help myself.

One Day Fat Blast Rundown

Number of workouts– 2

Total Runtime– 70 minutes

Instructors– They were okay, they seemed a little flustered at times. You can tell that they are new to this whole “filming workout DVDs” thing. Katrina did a great job explaining each exercise. BUT, the dynamic between the two seemed strange, almost like they hated each other.


Katrina (kicking her leg to the back for an exercise):

Hey Karena, you want to stand behind me?

Set– pretty standard gym set up

Production Quality– great video quality, pretty good shooting as well. There was one point where we the viewer get an extreme ab closeup during crunches for an unordinary amount of time.

Music– I didn’t really notice the music too much, so that is neither good nor bad to me.

Ability Level– Intermediate/Advanced (lots of explosive leg movements)

 Workout 1 (30 min)

This workout includes a 7 minute warm-up with dynamic stretching, cardio, and static stretching. The main workout is about 20 minutes long and is a mixture of cardio and toning moves. There is a 3 minute cool down at the end.

Type of Workout: Cardio & Toning (think HIIT but a little less regimented with time intervals)

Equipment– dumbbells

Coordination Level– 2/5 balance is the hardest part

Most hated move: jump lunges

Most loved move: slow burpees (it surprised me too)

Overall sweat factor– 5/5 – This workout includes a ton of plymetric work which happens to be my least favorite, as well as one of the most effective ways to workout.

 Workout 2

This workout includes a 7 minute warm-up (the exact same warm-up as the first workout, at first I thought I put on workout 1 again.) After the warm-up there is 30 minutes of toning exercises followed by a 3 minute cool down.

Type of Workout: Toning for Abs and Butt

Equipment– dumbbells

Coordination Level– 1/5

Most hated move: Multi-directional lunges

Most loved move: Bridge march

Overall sweat factor– 3/5

Chances I would do this DVD again: 70%

I definitely want to do it again as a benchmarker for my fitness level, but since this workout includes so much jumping and receptive lunging motions, I would have to be in a certain kind of mindset to want to do it.

Have you done this workout? What are your thoughts?